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The Engineering Division of Linamar

Linamar is committed to investing in the latest available technologies. From advanced automation and CNC machining equipment used in the manufacturing process, to the testing equipment and software managed by engineering teams to the innovative product solutions the company provides to customers, Linamar is on the leading edge.
The foundation for Linamar's technical advancements are rooted in the expertise of McLaren Engineering. Purchased by Linamar in 2003, McLaren provides engineering, testing and prototyping capabilities for product and manufacturing requirements to better support OEM customers. The integration of a lean focused manufacturing operation with that of a racing inspired engine development service provider has proven to be an industry leading combination.


The combined expertise of a lean manufacturing company with the advanced capabilities of an engineering development house provides OEMs a full service supplier partner capable of jointly developing advanced powertrain solutions.
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McLaren Capabilities Overview

  • Driveline testing and development work can be performed in one of two new, industry-leading test cells capable of measurement of a wide range of loading conditions to complete durability, NVH, and efficiency testing. In addition, two additional flexible test beds are available.
  • World-class engine testing services and development work can be performed in one of 13 flexible test cells capable of controlling temperature, humidity, speed, torque, and flow. Measurements include emissions, air fuel ratio, combustion, and NVH.
  • Low-volume complex parts and assemblies including complete engines and gear boxes (PTU's, RDU's transfer cases, axles and related) can be prototyped in the powertrain build department for units used in design and production validation.
  • Rapid-prototype thermoplastic models can be made on site to assist engineering, sales and other groups.
  • Customer fabrications and precision-machined parts, fixtures and tools can be created in the world-class Metalworking Departments.
  • Custom CMM services can be provided such as specific measurement or programming assistance.

With technology, there's only one answer. If you're not willing to change, you're going to die.

- Frank Hasenfratz


The Linamar Product Development System is a disciplined approach to the product development cycle as outlined by the Linamar GOS (Global Operating System) Playbook. The step-by-step process begins with design creation through the use of advanced industry CAD and CAE software packages, followed by Design Validation (DV) and Production Validation (PV) level testing of physical parts in our own development facilities and lastly, release of the approved production design into the Linamar manufacturing environment. Linamar and McLaren collaborate during this process to ensure seamless integration from initial concept through to program end-of-life. This proven approach to Product Development is responsible for numerous success stories that have brought advancements and innovations to the marketplace.


  • Mustang 5-Axis Cylinder Head Machining
  • Opti-design for Dodge Viper Cylinder heads
  • Linamar Unveils the Hybrid Power Unit
  • Gearing up for the Future


Linamar & McLaren are capable of secure CAD file transfer via numerous OEM and Tier 1 file transfer portals.

CAD Software Capabilities:
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Catia
  • Creo Elements / Pro Engineer
  • Siemens NX
  • SolidEdge
  • SolidWorks
  • Step / IGES
  • TeamCenter Engineering
CAE Simulation & Analysis Capabilities:
  • Hyper Works
  • Matlab / Mathcad
  • Nastran
  • SolidWorks

Over 60 manufacturing locations worldwide.


Linamar's Research & Development activities will continue in product areas that will enhance value for its customers and meet future market needs. The R&D focus is on achieving product solutions that will benefit customers on critical fuel economy, emissions as well as cost and quality needs.


Alternative materials, chemistry structures, geometries or coatings that achieve lighter weight or offer more durable designs .


Driveline systems that engage or disengage so they are used only when necessary driving conditions demand, improving fuel consumption and minimizing parasitic losses.


Known as the Driveline to the power of 'E' initiative, Linamar is researching and developing powertrain solutions that will integrate and aid with new technologies used in future Vehicle Electrification.


New equipment, systems or processes that improve quality and drive out manufacturing costs in order to stay competitive and continue to be a leading source of powertrain system solutions for OEM customers.

McLaren's Mission is Simple:

To be a flexible, responsive, capable, competitive, and customer-focused powertrain/driveline testing and prototype build services organization leveraging our employees and assets to the fullest extent possible for the benefit of internal and external customers.
Design, Development, Testing and R&D occurs both at the McLaren Detroit campus located on 8 Mile Road in Livonia, Michigan as well as at the Frank Hasenfratz Centre For Manufacturing Excellence located near Linamar's headquarters in Guelph, Ontario. McLaren has a variety of specialized equipment that supports the design, development, integration, and validation of powertrain systems. Product segments include, but are not limited to automotive, commercial vehicle, marine, E-vehicle, and industrial markets.