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Power to Perform

Linamar provides products that power vehicles, power motion, power work and power lives. From the core precision metallic components used in automotive powertrains to Skyjack's aerial work platforms, to the agricultural products that MacDon and OROS designs and builds, Linamar has a diversified product line up delivered by a workforce that has the "Power to Perform”.

Powertrain solutions for the global automotive industry.

Constantly improving our processes to better serve our customers

Skyjack proudly provides companies quality engineered, simple and reliable access and material handling equipment globally so they can maximize utilization and return on their investment. All Skyjack products are designed to be easy to service and maintain.
By keeping designs simple and using technology, the reliability and ease of service is common to all the company's products. Because of this, Skyjack machines offer the rental industry's best life cycle value through low cost of ownership, ease of service and maintenance, while retaining high residual values.
Skyjack produces a full line of self-propelled slab and rough terrain scissor lifts. Skyjack's mast and scissor model lineup features elevated work heights ranging from 18' to 59', and capacities up to 2,750lbs. Skyjack's expanding telescopic and articulating boom product lineup currently consists of models with work heights ranging from 36' to 92'. Skyjack also produces a full line of telescopic material handlers with TH series and Zoom Boom products. Its TH series features lifting heights ranging from 19' to 56', and capacities up to 12,000lbs, while its ZB2044 telehandler features a lifting height of 44' and a capacity of 20,000lbs.


For over 70 years, MacDon has been a world leader in technology, innovation and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment. MacDon's products are distributed and supported worldwide from offices in Canada, the United States, Australia, Russia, Brazil and Germany. The relentless pursuit for improvement is driven by the desire to make harvesting easier and more productive for farmers.
MacDon's harvesting history is deep in the rich prairie heritage of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. MacDon works directly with producers and custom harvesters in the toughest real-world conditions, guiding the company to pioneer industry-leading innovations like the FlexDraper®. MacDon has a worldwide reputation for excellence as "The Harvesting Specialists." We are proud to make equipment that helps producers harvest crops that feed the world.


As a leading edge Tier 1 supplier to the automotive markets, Linamar provides core engine components including cylinder blocks & heads, camshafts and connecting rods. For transmission, Linamar builds differential assemblies, gear sets, shaft & shell assemblies, as well as clutch modules. For the vehicle's driveline, Linamar is a full service supplier of gears and gear driven systems such as PTUs and RDUs for use in all-wheel drive systems. From single machine components to complex assemblies, Linamar is the supplier of choice for OEM customers.

  • Electric AWD E-Axle
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • Enhanced traction and stability
  • 1 second faster 0-100 kph
  • Efficient packaging
  • Modular solution
  • EV | HEV | AWD | FWD
  • Specifications
  • 150 kW total power
  • 330 Volt 9 kWh battery with BMS
  • 1500 Nm max output each wheel
  • Torque vectoring less than 50 msec response time
  • EV mode range: 30 km
  • EV mode Vmax: 130 kph

  • One, two, and three axes designs
  • Designed for optimal packaging
  • High torque density

Rear Drive Unit / Module (RDU / RDM)
  • Integrated output shafts
  • Mechanical and electronic LSD
  • Integrated oil cooler pump

Engineered Gears
  • Optimized for efficiency, durability and NVH
  • Proprietary design methods
  • High durability materials

Shaft & Shell Assemblies
  • Designs include input, out, turbine, etc.
  • Automatic applications
  • Manual applications
  • Transfer case applications
  • Grobbed or flow formed housings

Differential Assemblies
  • Full-service design, development and in-house testing
  • Complete assembly with ring gear and pinions
  • Helical ring and pinion for FWD transmission
  • Helical ring and pinion for axles
  • One-piece or two-piece designs

Transmission Gears
  • Drive and driven sprocket assemblies
  • Speed gears
  • Sun, pinion and ring gears
  • Park gears
  • Induction heat treat and tempering

Clutch Modules
  • Capabilities include full design and development support
  • In-house testing of designs
  • Manufacture, assembly and end-of-line testing

Other Transmission Components
  • Cases, covers and housings
  • Carriers and planetary assemblies
  • Valve bodies
  • One-way clutches

Transfer Case Pump Housing

Centre Housing

Transmission / Driveline Shaft

Cylinder Blocks
  • Aluminum, cast-iron and compacted graphite iron (CGI)
  • Cast-in-place liners
  • Assembled liners
  • Finish line bore and hone
  • Finish-honed bores
  • Full design and engineering capabilities – McLaren

Cylinder Heads
  • Aluminum and cast iron
  • Supercubed, finish-machined, assembled and tested
  • Full design and engineering capabilities - McLaren
  • Five axis CNC Machining

Connecting Rods
  • PM, C70, cast and forged
  • Fracture split and saw split
  • Assembled with bolts, bushings and bearings

  • Largest independent producer of camshafts
  • Capable of machining multiple materials:
    •Cast, assembled and billet
    •Lightweight hydroformed process
  • On-centre and centre-less grinding
  • Chatter detection software

Balance Shaft Modules
  • In-house gear manufacturing
  • Complete transmission error checking in our processes
  • Analysis and testing
  • Engine integration, design and testing

Fuel Rails, Pumps & Bodies
  • Manufacturer of high-pressure fuel rails for common rail diesels
  • Forged steel and stainless materials
  • Finished and assembled with sensors
  • Autofrettage
  • Clean room assembly
  • Complex finished pump bodies for direct injection systems


Fuel Injector Bodies

Fuel Pump Housing

Turbo Charger Housing

Wheel Hubs & Bearings

Axle Shaft

Steering Knuckle


Linamar's extensive experience in the just-in-time automotive manufacturing sector has led to the creation of a trucking and logistics organization. Linamar Transportation's services go far beyond the internal needs of Linamar's own manufacturing divisions. Linamar Transportation provides external customers with leading freight solutions to the North American markets.

Your Freight Problems Have Already Been Solved!

Linamar Transportation's experienced professionals offer solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations every time. Expert customer service representatives, efficient dispatchers and conscientious drivers are supported by an internal customs department and a caring and engaged management team. The 12-acre terminal is ideally located in Southern Ontario, in order to cater to all your Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload shipments between Ontario and the United States.

State-of-the-art Support is Yours!

Linamar Transportation has implemented cutting edge technology to better meet your needs and to provide you with the service you deserve from your transportation professionals. Linamar has satellite technology in every one of our air-ride equipped trucks. This means you can track your shipment online at The website will also offer online order services. If you would rather speak with Linamar Transportation's friendly team in person, please call 1.800.463.5862. Prompt answers are always just seconds away!

However You Look at it, Linamar Goes the Extra Mile.

Linamar knows that outstanding service is more than a quick follow-up call. Since 1986, the company has built partnerships with many long-term satisfied customers by taking the time to listen and learn about their individual needs. Linamar Transportation is proud to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 registration, your assurance of quality service and the piece-of-mind that your goods will arrive damage-free and on time.

Deliveries that Suit Your Schedule.

Choose Linamar Transportation for dedicated, Just-in-Time shipping to urban and remote parts of the expansive service regions. The pickups and deliveries are made when you need them. The dependable transportation services have helped Linamar grow into one of the country's most successful transportation companies. Now, find out what Linamar Transportation can do for you.


Linamar is continuing to grow in sectors outside automotive, attempting to target large and complex components, modules and systems particularly in the renewable energy markets. Linamar's extensive machining capability and global manufacturing footprint enables the company to provide energy customers with localized, high-quality manufacturing solutions and value-added services to meet their specific needs.
From large powertrain modules for commercial trucks and off highway equipment to solar powered engine generators to wind turbine components, Linamar has an extensive history of providing design, machining and assembly solutions for large envelope CNC applications.
Linamar is focused on providing precision machined castings and metallic assemblies in the following markets:
  • Wind Energy Equipment.
  • Heavy Component Machining.
  • Commercial Truck.
  • Off Highway.
  • Diesel Powered Gen Sets.
  • Rail.
  • Oilfield Equipment.
  • Specialty Machining.