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By selecting an option from the dropdown menu below, your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate department of Linamar for further review.

For those looking to order parts or have questions regarding their Solaris or Eutopia lawn mower, please contact Linamar Consumer Products Support at

If you are in search of parts or looking for someone to service your LX or ZX engine or if you are simply requesting more information, please contact your local Cummins dealer.

For those seeking service, parts and warranty support on your Stirling or Marathon Trailer, please be advised this business unit is now owned by Westbrook Systems.  You can contact them at

If you are contacting Linamar for a charitable donation, please understand you must submit your request in writing to

Sign into your Linamar portal and a status will be indicated beside each position you have applied for.

If you are having difficulty logging in, please use the provided links on Linamar’s Career Centre page.  If this does not resolve your issue, please email with your full name and answers to your security question for verification.